“Jaw-Dropping Tackle: Lionesses’ Star Shocks the World with ‘Old School’ Move on Aussie Sensation!”

Alex Greenwood, a standout player for the Lionesses, received acclaim on social media for executing a robust challenge similar to a traditional ‘old school reducer’ on Sam Kerr, a prominent figure for Australia.


The confrontation occurred during the Women’s World Cup semi-finals between England and Australia on Wednesday morning. This match marked Sam Kerr’s first starting appearance in the tournament. Right from the outset, England’s players displayed their eagerness to unsettle her, employing forceful encounters.

Among these clashes, Alex Greenwood’s approach stood out. She lunged from the back, bringing down Kerr in a manner reminiscent of challenges historically associated with players like former Real Madrid tough guy, Sergio Ramos. Nonetheless, admirers swiftly expressed their support for the full-back’s actions across various social media platforms.

One fan humorously remarked, “Greenwood announcing her presence… employing the classic ‘first few minutes, establish dominance’ strategy.” Another supporter chimed in, praising Greenwood’s sacrifice for the team, stating, “Alex Greenwood taking one for the team with an impressive reducer!”

A third individual playfully quipped, “Alex Greenwood finds herself in the referee’s book for executing a textbook reducer on Sam Kerr,” while a fourth person defended the tackle, asserting, “Alex Greenwood did nothing wrong, I don’t understand the criticism…”

Analogies to Sergio Ramos quickly followed, with a fifth commentator noting, “Wow, Greenwood just pulled off a Sergio Ramos move.” Another observer expressed concern over the severity of the tackle, stating, “Greenwood’s challenge on Kerr was quite severe; it potentially deserved more than a yellow card…”

Sam Kerr, who held the role of Australia’s iconic representative in the tournament, gradually improved in terms of fitness as the Women’s World Cup progressed towards the knockout rounds. Anticipating the game, Sarina Wiegmann shared, “Naturally, she poses a threat. She’s an exceptionally skilled player. There’s a great deal of respect. However, the focus is not solely on Sam Kerr, as ultimately, the team’s performance is what matters.”

Wiegmann continued, “There’s considerable pressure on [Kerr] due to the high expectations surrounding her. Australia’s strength isn’t confined to Sam Kerr alone. We have devised a strategy for her potential starting role. She may also start from the bench; that’s the scenario we’re prepared for.”

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