Shocking Game: Eagles’ Backup Quarterback Falters! Is a Change Needed?

Jalen Hurts was absent for several games in the closing weeks of the 2022 season, causing the Eagles to place their grasp on the top NFC playoff seed at risk due to two consecutive losses. This highlighted the team’s recognition of the significance of a capable backup quarterback.

Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota

However, the recent Thursday night match against the Browns failed to instill confidence in the current second-string quarterback, Marcus Mariota. His performance resulted in a 9-of-17 completion rate for 86 yards, accompanied by an interception. Additionally, he experienced three sacks and struggled with accuracy, frequently failing to connect with his intended targets.

Mariota openly assessed his own display, admitting, “I fell short of expectations. I believe I can enhance our operational efficiency. This preseason provides an opportunity to rectify these issues, hone my skills, and eliminate any enduring deficiencies. Our commitment lies in progress.”

Replacing Mariota during this phase of the offseason poses challenges, as emphasized by Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni. He underscored the necessity of recognizing Mariota’s strengths and offering him situations that facilitate success when entrusted with the ball.

Sirianni elaborated, “We also need to identify his strengths and inclinations. We must comprehend his standpoint, pinpoint what resonates with him. While his performance tonight did not meet his standard, I wouldn’t categorize his preceding game as a struggle. Against Baltimore, he showcased mobility, executed impressive plays, and effectively advanced the ball. Tonight’s performance fell below expectations, but it’s a process of discovering what suits him best. It’s a collective endeavor of learning and adaptation.”

Ideally, the Eagles aspire to avoid deploying Mariota in pivotal games. Nevertheless, the NFL rarely aligns with perfection, underscoring the need to ensure the team remains functional under any scenario. This entails devoted effort to uphold consistent and dependable team performance.

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